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Since the inception of Spark Growth, our charitable organization, has developed a FREE enrichment program to service many varying educational scenarios. Although we have centered around public school settings, Spark Growth has always intended to serve the children, students, and families in our community. Our enrichment is developed to include many different learning environments from school sites, daycares and homeschool learners. As our program continues to grow,  we feel compelled to reach out to homeschool families to  ensure they have access to utilize the enrichment opportunity available to students and families we offer in the Morongo Basin.
Spark Growth is open to discuss the needs you and your students have as a means to get to know our community better.

Please complete the questionnaire below so that we can deliver enrichment to you and your family that suits your needs.

Our belief is that children can make sense of their world and grow in knowledge and skills by taking part in enrichment opportunities such as Spark Growth! where children along with their parents and families can participate in a variety of literacy and language activities so that literacy becomes a way for them to ‘read the world’, have a sense of community and contribute to the world as well.

It is our belief that children's knowledge and growth of literacy and language and parent-family involvement can be a positively enhance through the use of these 5 practices we incorporate into our enrichment program: Print, Presence, intention, time and words

Our hope is to inspire children to become passionate readers and writers. We strive to provide support in children’s learning by ‘sparking growth’ through our literacy enrichment program providing a service that grows lifelong learners


Given recent news reports that certain educational systems and districts have begun implementing curricula based on Critical Race Theory (CRT) and/or Diversity Inclusion Equity (DEI) theory along with the use of specific social emotional learning (SEL) programs - sometimes referred to as Transformational Social Emotional Learning- I feel it is important to provide clarification and insight about fundamental elements of the Spark Growth Literacy Program.

In particular, I would like to stress that our literacy program’s social emotional skills approach is not affiliated with or based on the type of SEL being implemented by proponents of CRT and DEI. Additionally, please be assured that Spark Growth Literacy Program does not endorse, promote, sponsor or utilize political activities or propaganda.

In fact, Spark Growth Literacy Program utilizes a social emotional skills approach representative of the foundational focus of our organization which is one of connection and collaboration with caregivers and educators, families and children, and community members where respectful relationships, equality, inclusivity and positive interactions are consistently promoted and practiced.

Our use of developmentally appropriate literacy and art materials, along with books and project activities have been chosen to support whole child learning and to encourage family participation. Planning for hands-on, engaging enrichment activities and projects involves consideration of the six domains of learning including social domain where reflective listening, collaboration, care/empathy, perspective-taking and modeling of positive social emotional skills is intended to support children’s/students’ feelings of confidence and competence in learning.

I hope I have provided some clarification and insight on the ways that Spark Growth Literacy Program utilizes positive social emotional approaches as we conscientiously plan and provide a free enrichment literacy program for our community members.

If you have questions or need more information, please feel free to reach out to me or the Program Director using the contact information on our website:


Maureen Stine, Executive Director

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How We Help

The Spark Growth! Literacy and Art Enrichment Program is designed to be:

  • A community outreach service providing a literacy and art enrichment   program for young children and their families in the Morongo Basin. Spark Growth! program staff are volunteers who are supportive and knowledgeable, have achieved career and educational accomplishments, and  have real-world collegiate and primary school work experience in the fields of child / human development, communication, creative arts, literacy and illustration, music,  technology, and web design.

  • A literacy and creative enrichment program providing opportunities for families to partner with Spark Growth! program staff  in supporting children’s literacy and art learning and growth. Families are invited to participate in the  enrichment program and are provided with literacy and art -related activities, family-oriented projects and instructions for use at home with their children.

  • A free mobile literacy and art enrichment program that travels to elementary schools, family day care homes, child care centers and preschool sites and homeschool sites in the Morongo  Basin to provide research-based developmentally appropriate activities that have been planned using the whole child learning approach with activities and lessons that are engaging and fun.  

  • A literacy enrichment program with activities and lessons which align with curricular standards and goals of the school district, teaching and instructional staff, childcare and preschool directors / staff,  home school staff, and/or family day care owners/ staff. Literacy and art enrichment activities/ lessons are conducted in the classroom, center or site with the teacher, instructional staff or caregivers present and have been planned to last approximately 30 minutes.

  • A literacy and art  enrichment   program where Spark Growth! directors and staff are committed to establishing and maintaining high quality interactions, positive relationships, and ongoing communication with each individual participating in the literacy enrichment program.  Spark Growth! Staff maintains strict confidentiality, demonstrates a strong code of ethics, and works in collaborative, inclusive, respectful, and supportive way with school district administrators, teaching and instructional staff, childcare and preschool directors / staff, family day care owners/ staff , homeschool staff, and the individual children and families participating in the program.

  • A literacy and art enrichment  program that sparks children’s motivation and interest in reading and creativity.

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